Re: NHS financial pressures in St Helens

Dear Patients

Re NHS financial pressures in St Helens

I am writing to reassure all our patients that we are continuing to offer all normally expected NHS services at the surgery.

I realise the worry that some of this news in regard to local NHS financial crisis may be causing.

St Helens is not alone in this situation and  we find ourselves at this point despite the committed efforts of doctors, nurses and all related NHS staff in our borough including the dedicated work carried out by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

We are facing national funding issues for the NHS, of which you will all have been well aware of for some time now.

The reshuffle of the NHS over the years has been complex and it may be important to review this to help understand the current position and challenges. We will keep you updated and informed as things develop.

We are carrying on our normal general practice day to day.

Yours sincerely

Dr Cox, Dr Van Dessel, Dr Hyde and Dr Clarke